New product from Hong Leong Bank – HLB Wallet

HLB has new product called HLB Wallet.

It is a saving account where customer can get cashback from spending

Maximum cashback per month is RM10. Eligible transaction is as per TnC, may refer screenshot below as well


HLB is running a campaign promotion, for new HLB account, customer will get RM18 e-angpow, campaign is run till 15th March


For new customer, Debit Card will be provided, for existing customer, may link to existing debit card.
Debit card fee is RM8 per year.

How to apply

Through HLB app Apply@HLB


  • Cashback focus. up to RM10 per month till 2025
  • Multi currency wallet. Can convert between foreign currency to different foreign currency, or MYR to foreign currency and vice versa

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