Changing my custom Raiz portfolio

Decided to update my custom Raiz portfolio.

Initially the risk level is very low.

Date: 5th Januray 2023

First topup is July 2022 if not mistaken. Total Raiz charge so far is estimated to be RM9 (RM1.5 per month)

Current Portfolio Performance

Current Portfolio Allocation

New Allocation

Abrdn -> from 5% to 25%
UOB balanced -> from 10% to 25%
Sukuk -> from 40% to 5%
Gold -> 5% no change
MMF -> 40% no change

New portfolio allocation

Comparing Charges and Fee if subscribing to the fund manually

United-I Global Balanced Fund : Standard Chartered SmartDirect : Sales charges is 2.5%

Abrdn Islamic World Equity Fund : HSBC : Sales charges is 3%.

DCA through Raiz is much more cheaper in long run.

Future Plan

Doesn’t matter if market trend is down, or even if my new portfolio is negative, in 2 month time, will update again to reduce the allocation for MMF (Money market fund) and increase allocation for AIWEF and UOBUiGBF.

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