Gold Spread Comparison

As of 30th November.

BUY (A)SELL (B)Spread (A-B) / (B)
RHB MultiCurrency AccountRM255.4274RM249.6134RM5.814 [2.32%]
Maybank MIGA-iRM259.57RM252.94RM6.63 [2.62%]
HelloGoldRM259.14RM246.48RM12.66 [5.13%]
PublicGold GAPRM276RM252RM24 [9.52%]
Comparison of gold spread (buy-sell) for 4 provider (per 1 gram)

Quick overview and features comparison

Shariah CompliantNoYesYesYes
Minimum to buy1gRM10RM1RM100
Price update??Once per dayLive marketOnce per day
Physicals Withdrawal NoYesYesYes
Comparison of the features for 4 provider

My personal thought on this

RHB is non-shariah compliant, so not suitable for Muslim.

PublicGold is more famous, and they got option LBMA or BungaMas physical goldbar. But, the spread is the highest.

Maybank have the lowest spread (for shariah compliant).

Silver Spread Comparison

PublicGold GAPRM3.08RM3.02RM0.06
RHB MCARM3.78RM3.32RM0.46
Comparison of silver spread (buy-sell) for 2 provider (per 1 gram)

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