UOB One Account personal review

I just open new account through UOB Mighty App. And I fall in love with their mobile banking UI. The UI is simple and clean, and is easy to use compare to RHB.

Another thing I like on this UOB One Account, the convenience to track how do you perform and the activity needed to be eligible for the interest level.

So yeah, I can park my food and other expenses here and gain some little paid interest.

I have Hong Leong Pay&Save, but there is no way to track how much have you spent on debit card purchase (RM500 to be eligible for 0.5% profit) and how much have you perform payment (RM500 to be eligible for 0.5% profit). But if we do nothing, we will still gain 2.05% (need to deposit RM2000 at least every month) , only if end-of-day balance is RM1000.

Will create another post on different saving account or alternative to park emergency fund (high liquidity).

Interest Tracker

They also provide clear bonus history

It became easier to track and understand what’s happening on previous month

How to earn interest

How interest is calculated and paid?

When interest is paid?

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