Fixed Deposit Rates Comparison (26th June 2022)

Data is as of 26th June 2022

Personal comparison between CIMB, Maybank, HSBC Amanah, Hong Leong and BSN.

Fixed Deposit account can be applied through online banking except BSN.

When you redeem the money from FD, it will be immediately deposit to the saving account (At least for Hong Leong Bank)

1 Month Tenure Comparison

BankFDMin AmountRate (% p.a.)
CIMBFixed DepositRM5,0001.75
CIMBMaturity FriaRM5,0001.75
CIMBWhy Wait FriaRM10,0001.75
MaybankConventional FDRM5,0001.75
MaybankIslamic FDRM5,0001.75
HSBCTerm Deposit-iRM5,0001.60
HSBCTime DepositRM5,0001.60
BSNTerm DepositRM1,0001.75
1 Month Tenure Comparison

2 Month Tenure Comparison

BankFDMin AmountRate (% p.a.)
CIMBFixed DepositRM1,0001.90
CIMBMaturity FriaRM1,0001.90
CIMBWhy Wait FriaRM10,0001.90
MaybankConventional FDRM5,0001.90
MaybankIslamic FDRM1,0001.90
HSBCTerm Deposit-iRM1,0001.60
HSBCTime DepositRM1,0001.60
2 Month Tenure Comparison

3 Month Tenure Comparison

BankFDMin AmountRate (% p.a.)
CIMBFixed DepositRM1,0001.95
CIMBMaturity FriaRM1,0001.95
CIMBWhy Wait FriaRM10,0001.95
MaybankConventional FDRM1,0001.95
MaybankIslamic FDRM1,0001.95
HSBCTerm Deposit-iRM1,0001.75
HSBCTime DepositRM1,0001.75
Hong LeongTerm Investment Account-iRM5001.95
Hong LeongTerm Investment Account-iRM2,0002.30 **Promo rate new user
BSNTerm DepositRM5002.05
3 Month Tenure Comparison

6 Month Tenure Comparison

BankFDMin AmountRate (% p.a.)
CIMBFixed DepositRM1,0002.05
CIMBMaturity FriaRM1,0002.05
MaybankConventional FDRM1,0002.05
MaybankIslamic FDRM1,0002.05
HSBCTerm Deposit-iRM1,0001.85
HSBCTime DepositRM1,0001.85
Hong LeongTerm Investment Account-iRM5002.10
Hong LeongTerm Investment Account-iRM2,0002.40 **Promo rate new user
BSNTerm DepositRM5002.10
BSNTerm Deposit – MonthlyRM5,0002.10
6 Month Tenure Comparison

12 Month Tenure Comparison

BankFDMin AmountRate (% p.a.)
CIMBFixed DepositRM1,0002.10
CIMBMaturity FriaRM1,0002.10
CIMBMonthly FriaRM1,0002.10
MaybankConventional FDRM1,0002.10
MaybankIslamic FDRM1,0002.10
HSBCTerm Deposit-iRM1,0001.90
HSBCTime DepositRM1,0001.90
Hong LeongTerm Investment Account-iRM5002.15
Hong LeongTerm Investment Account-iRM2,0002.80 **Promo rate new user
BSNTerm DepositRM5002.45
BSNTerm Deposit – MonthlyRM5,0002.45
12 Month Tenure Comparison

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