[DIY] How to setup EZVIZ CCTV With NVR

Succesfully setup and install CCTV system on my late mother house in Kedah by myself.

At first I have been experimenting with Xiaomi 360 1080P and Yoosee CCTV. But recording is stored on the SD card in the camera itself. So if burglar stole the camera, the recording will be gone.

Hence, I opted for CCTV that can write to NVR. Hence come TY2.

In this post, i will write about why I choose TY2 instead of other EZVIZ model, the review of TY2, comparison with Xiaomi 360 and Yoosee and sharing on my CCTV system setup.


  • EZVIZ TY2 CCTV – Lazada RM99 (RM89 after discount)
  • EZVIZ NVR CS-X5C-4 – Lazada RM175 (RM169.62 after discount)
  • WD Purple 1TB 3.5″ HDD – Lazada RM175 (RM165 after discount)
  • HDMI Cable – Lazada RM22.9 (Buy with LAN Cable RM28.98 after discount)
  • LAN Cable – Lazada RM17.9 (Buy with HDMI Cable RM28.98 after discount)

EZVIZ TY2 Review/Pro/Cons

1. Video image is dark during dusk or insufficient light. As it doesnt have Smart IR compare to other similar model eg EZVIZ C6N.

Dusk or Stormy day (where the sky turns dark) or insufficient light (not completely dark or enough light), the video image is on the darker side.

Dusk/Dark Sky due to Heavy Rain

2. During daytime the video quality is good and clear.

3. During night time, or no light, the video quality is quite fine.

Night Time

Why I choose TY2 instead of C6N.

TY2 support NVR storage. While C6N can only store recording to SD card and Cloud storage.

I test it can store to SD card and NVR at the same time.

Why switch to TY2 and not continue to use Xiaomi 360 1080p and Yoosee CCTV?

  • I want to store recording to NVR
  • Yoosee CCTV got ONVIF support, but somehow the video does not appear in the NVR. And i doubt it can store recording in NVR.
  • Xiaomi 360 does not support ONVIF, so it cant connect to NVR. It does support cloud storage – Mi Home Cloud. I tried to play around with MI Home Cloud, the MI Cloud only available on China Gateway region and the payment method is through Alipay China and Wechat pay (so am unable to subscribe).

What is my current NVR setup?

  1. EZVIZ TY2 will connect to NVR wifi.
  2. NVR will connect to my Streamyx router via LAN Cable.
  3. Any video recording from TY2 will be recorded in the NVR.

Drawback of my NVR setup?

  1. Because my TY2 connect to NVR wifi, when NVR is off, the TY2 does not record any video.
    To backup this situation, I will setup my Xiaomi 360 or Yoose CCTV again.
  2. I havent test yet what happen if streamyx no internet or NVR disconnect from streamyx router. Will update the post with the result.

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