TGV Refillable Tumbler Review

This year TGV comes again with their refillable tumbler. This time it comes with its own straw and more tight compare to last year. It does not easily spill over.

Left: 2020, Right: older

What is this about?

You can reuse this tumbler and refill with a discounted price (RM2 for TGV Movieclub member and RM3.10 for non-member). All year long. This is a bargain and very suitable for those like me 🤗 ; that always buy drink before cinema.

How much does the refillable tumbler cost?

You can either buy combo; tumbler and popcorn bucket with the price of RM29.90 or separately/alacarte ( Tumbler @ RM14.90 & Popcorn Bucket @ RM17.90).

Normal drink price if not mistaken will cost RM5 ( i cant remember), so i save RM3 each time. Am a movie buff, will reuse it all year long.

Whats with the picture above?

Just to show comparison with last year tumbler. It is a little bit bigger, i have 3-4 sip and i pour the left over into the old tumbler.

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