Civilization IV Culture and Science Victory! Yeay!

Date: 4-5th December 2018
Version: (362541)
DLC: Aztez Civilization Pack

Culture Victory

Civilization: Greece, Periscle

Also manage to secure a couple of steam achievements. Haven’t played the game till end of turn before šŸ™‚

Game, Setter, Match – Irish Heartbeat – Warlording Over Others – Machiavelli’s Great Work
Buying Your Blue Jeans and Listening to Your Pop Music
Oratorical Skills
Six Shooter – Tectonic Shift
The Test of Time

Science Victory

Civilization: German

I just turtle up and focus on campus disctrict.
Luckily i’m building industrial zone (Hansa, a unique to German) also šŸ™‚

A couple of steam achivements as well;

Mission to Mars
Crusader King
Archimedes Bath

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