Unboxing Google Home Mini, and Simple review

Recently bought a new toys; a Google Home Mini. Didnt plan to buy, but somehow saw Heavyarm Online Store having a promotion, RM179. So decided to try one 🙂

What is Google Home Mini?

Reference: https://store.google.com/au/product/google_home_mini.
Have you try and experimenting with Google Assistant in your android smart phone?
Google Home Mini is a Smart Speaker with Google Assistant built-in. 

What can i do or plan to do with it?

Explore Google assistant for more tricks and features: https://assistant.google.com/explore?hl=en-US

  1. It act as a speaker for Music player.
    From my perspective, the sound coming from it is quite nice, similar to a good surround speaker. And it is loud.

    How to use?
    Link the Google Home to spotify, and tell him “Hey Google. Play Myth Kpop in Spotify” –> it will play my spotify playlist called Myth Kpop
  2. Home Control.
    My future plan is to replace my current switch to a smart switch. So that it can connect to the internet and pair with Google Home Mini.
    With that, i can control the light/fan without moving from my seat or even raise a hand. It suitable for a lazy people like me ;p haha
    Just activate google home, and say something like “Switch Off Bedroom Light”
    Target: Sonoff T1
  3. Phone Finder
    I always misplace my phone, i ask Google Home Mini to ring my phone for me.
    Ask “Hey Google, Locate my phone”
Front View
Front View
Side View
Side view
Side View
Back View
Back View
Side view
Unboxing Google Home Mini
Opening the top
Whats in the box?
Whats in the box?
Charger for Google Home Mini
Instruction and Manual Book for Google Home Mini
The Instruction and Manual Book
The bottom of Google Home Mini
The Orange Bottom
The side of Google Home Mini
Left button is for mute, Right hole is charging port

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