MNP to Celcom from Unifi Mobile

Date: 2018/09/05

Had been using Unifi Mobile for around months now. Free 20Gb data is already fully utilized.

No particular reason to switch to other Telco. Decided to do so to have better internet and network.
Unifi Mobile have their own 4G/LTE network, when there is no 4G coverage, it will use Celcom 3G network.

I prefer to go to the official centre; Celcom BlueCube instead of Celcom Certified Partner.
The nearest one for me is Celcom BlueCube Bukit Raja (Klang), it is only a quick detour when i drive back home from Shell Scripting training.

How to switch out to Celcom?

Refer below on how to MNP / port in to Celcom

  • Visit any Celcom BlueCube or Celcom Certified Partner.
  • Take your ticket number and wait for your turn.
    My waiting time is not long because I only need to wait for 3 people 🙂
  • Tell them you want to port in to Celcom.
    The process is easy, they ask for IC and they will register for us in their Portal.
  • It cost nothing if we do the MNP in Celcom BlueCube
    After they finish key-in the data, they will pass us the new SIM Card
    Cost = RM0.
  • Conditions:
    1. Credit validity is active and able to reply SMS
  • What Next?
    • Wait for SMS from current telco.
      It will ask for confirmation if we really want to proceed with the switch/port out
    • Wait till receive confirmation and phone shows no service
    • Change to the new SIM card
SMS from Unifi Mobile
Ticketing in Celcom BlueCube Bukit Raja (Klang)

Whats in the Free Starter Pack? And what is the Plan?

In Celcom Life App, the plan shown as Xpax RM10 (MNP) Prepaid
– Choose one of this freebies — can change monthy
   1. 10Gb High Speed internet for Facebook
   2. 10Gb High Speed internet for Instagram
   3. 3Gb High Speed internet for Youtube
   4. Unlimited chat for Whatsapp, Wechat and Twitter
– 10Gb Basic Internet —  this might be a turnoff for some people
– 300MB welcome high-speed internet

What is the available Internet Plan?

I plan to subscribe to the RM30 Monthy Internet Plan:
What do we get?
– 5GB
– Music Walla (Joox etc)
– Triple Quota (only for September, Merdeka Promo) — only valid for 3 days which is no use for me
Data Rollover — this is the selling point for me
– iflix Access — no use for me as well. I already have active iflix subscription

Celcom Xpax Internet Plan

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