Bingsu @ KL & Selangor

Im a dessert + ice cream lover. So bingsu is one of the dessert that i like 🙂

What is bingsu? bingsu is a korean icy dessert, similar to our ABC but with a more smooth shaved ice and milky taste and similar to sorbet. Based on my reading, it is made from milk or water ice sorbet.

So far, I only get a chance to try 3 bingsu cafe di Malaysia. @ IOI City Mall, Hanbing Korean Dessert Cafe @ IOI City Mall and Seoul Bing @ PV128.

But i like Hanbing and Seoul Bing more than Why? The shaved ice is more smooth and more milky taste 🙂

The shaved ice at is a little bit rough and less sweet, i guess because they use water ice sorbet instead of milk ice sorbet. Milk ice sorbet/shaved texture is more soft and sweet.

1) Hanbing Korean Dessert Cafe @ IOI City Mall

They got three branch. IOI City Mall, Bangsar and Subang Jaya.

Despite the name, aside from bingsu, they also serve other korean food such as kimchi fried rice etc. Refer to their website for more menu.

I tried Mango bingsu on 30/1/2017, Sunday, during Chinese New Year. The taste? It is fabulous! For ice-cream lover, you need one whole bowl. 😀 Do not share! Or else you might regret it as it is not enough hehe

Mango Snow Ice


2) Seoul Bing @ PV128, Setapak

Cannot remember when did I go to this cafe, It is mid 2016 if not mistaken. We tried the red bean flavor and mango flavor. The portion is very generous and the two bingsu is shared with 4 people.

Doesnt mean taste bad. It just i like the original bingsu more, and Hanbing and Seoul Bing able to satisfy me with their original taste, smooth shaved ice and sweet and milky taste.

I believe this two cafe above is the true Korean Dessert Cafe (from Korea) franchise and use the similar machine and technique. The taste is similar to the one I try at Korean dessert Cafe @ Sillim, owned by one of CNBLUE member.

I tried the Injeolmi Bingsu. I believe it is made with Roasted Soybeans powder and the taste is similar like Malay traditional kuih, Kuih Batang Buruk, and i dont really like the kuih. The bowl is big, but i still able to finish it. Eventhough it is too much and the nuts/beans taste is strong, i able to finish by myself alone. 😀

Injeolmi Bingsu @ Korean Dessert Cafe Siliim, Korea

Korean Dessert Cafe @ Sillim, Korea

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